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If you are looking for rare antiques, make sure you check out our collection offered for sale.

In our collection you will find rare antiques, most of them are Chinese antiques for sale : Han dynasty jade and stone carvings, Tang dynasty incredible pitcher set from silver and gold , Song dynasty pottery with Celadon glaze,  rare antiques from the great Yuan dynasty, blue and white Ming dynasty vases, plates and other Porcelain Items and amazing Qing dynasty collection of various antique snuff bottles from Qianlong regime, Chinese opera clothing and locks.

China has been the birthplace of Paper, Printing, Gunpowder, compass and many other inventions through out the history.

As you know, there is a lot of various Chinese antiques, and the work done on them is extra ordinary.

among our collection you will find rare antiques such as Chinese porcelain, antique snuff bottles, opium pipes for sale, antique silver tankards, incense burners, whiskey jars  opera items, tortoise shell carving, antique buddha statues, burmite amber, jade and more!

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You will find in the Blog section articles about the ancient dynasties of china, starting from the Han dynasty  (206 BC – 220 AD), Tang dynasty (618 – 907 AD), Song dynasty (960 – 1279 AD), Yuan dynasty (1271 – 1368 AD),  Ming dynasty (1368 – 1644 AD) and the last dynasty who control China, the Qing dynasty (1644 – 1912).

Also you can find specific articles about the different items that were made during the history of China and Asia. Learn about the opium wars, Tortoise shell carving in Chinese culture and more…

We offer a service of identification. if you have Asian antiques, and you are not sure if they are real or not, or which period they are from.

we can help you!

check first our Detecting fakes section, or Contact us.  Your items will be examine by experts who collect Chinese Antiques and can give you some information about what items you posses.

Before you buy Chinese antiques, its better to learn about the subject so you won’t end up buying new made items sold to you as rare antiques. Go to our detecting fakes section.

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