Antique Stores Online

Antique Stores Online

An antique store is defined as a retail store that sells antique goods. Antique stores can be located either in the local area and with the advent of the Internet found online. An online Antique shop can furthermore be located within an Antique shopping centre, where every Antique trader can open a shop and display their items for deal within the shopping centre.

It is a single location where you can access several varieties of antique goods. The value of these pieces may vary from reduced to extremely high and costly, depending on the nature and position of the shop. Antique stores online may specialize in some specific segment of the market such as antiques furnishings or jewellery, but numerous online stores supply a wide variety of inventory as well. Numerous items may in fact pass through multiple online antique dealers along the product string of links before reaching in a retail antique shop.

Before resolving on a specific antique online shop, potential customers may want to do some study on the enterprise practices of the shop in question, as well as it come back and exchange principle.

Finding a reputable online antique shop can be a bit threatening. This is especially true when large or costly buys are needed. When selecting an online antique store, read the clientele feedback in the remarks section of the retailer’s website to get an idea of how it does enterprise. Those who are involved in finding a reputable online antique shop should start by looking for one that provides comprehensive descriptions and pictures of the goods for sale. In addition, reputable antique stores online should supply customers with some information about the goods being sold.

Reputable online antique shops should furthermore be organized by its owners who can respond inquiries about their items. In addition to a description, reputable online antique shops will offer an image that apparently displays the status of the items in question. .

When dealing with antiques, it is very common that online stores won’t have any return policy, as the merchandise is expensive and the shipping prices as well.

Also because some people are trying to buy antiques and sell them, and if they fail, They seek to return the items back to the antique shops, which can result in some losses.

purchasing antiques through online stores is definitely more effective and befitting. You can just sit in front of your computer at your home and explore everything by surfing internet. You can choose the product that you desire and get it delivered to your door step. Antiques are the focused goods and there are several ways to purchase them.

Going to antique store is not the only option to purchase them. There are several reasons to say why it an ideal choice to purchase the antique goods online. One such main reason is you can browse through various websites that sell these products. If you physically visit the store, it will take lot of time to move from one store to another. If you go through antique stores online, you can visit multiple stores at a time. Now-a-days, there are several such antique stores online are available who are selling a wide range of antique goods. If you are looking for any particular product and you don’t find it in one store then you can swap to another to get it. Furthermore, it is definitely the best idea to purchase the antique products through online.

There will be many antique goods that you do not find them at the local store. Through online, you can even glimpse the products that are kept for sale in different nations. The real rare antiques website is an online antique shop where users can choose and bid the required antique products. It could be antique snuff bottles, antique opera items, antique tortoise shell and many antique items are available here. Several rare real antique goods are available and an affordable amount of discount is also offered. Currently this store is also running an auction program through the eBay online shopping website. With the online antique stores, you can find wide varieties of these goods ranging from most common pieces to that of rare antique. Some stores conduct auction program for those goods that are very rarely available. Choose the best antique product at real rare antiques website and bid at a very reasonable price.

Antique Chinese Jade

Antique Chinese Jade

Jade artifacts used by nobles and lords during the emperors period in ancient Chinese history are the famous eyes, broad ears, and adorned with special markings believed to draw from an extraterrestrial civilization. These antique Chinese jades are stored and displayed in a virtual repository of antique Chinese jade assemblage comprising of more than 200 pieces spanning the ancient period through the Qing Dynasty. Most of these antique Chinese Jade artifacts are made of nephrite and are carved skillfully. Antique Chinese jade artifacts may be sold or purchased lawfully when the artifacts are not on the government’s wanted registers of stolen jade. Personal collections are permissible for selling even in Chinese territory. There are many auction houses there in China to present artifacts transaction for financial selling purposes. As a matter of detail, most of the artifacts in the museums are the bounties of conflict throughout the Qing dynasty.

Antique Chinese Jade

Chinese Antique - Han Dynasty Green Jade 2 figuresAntique Chinese Jades are worn by monarchs and nobles and after death put with them in the tomb. In the Ming and Qing periods, very old jade shapes and adorning patterns were often made a duplicate, thereby bringing the associations of the distant past to the Chinese people of subsequent times. As an outcome, the material became affiliated with royalty and high rank. It furthermore considered as a powerful in death, protecting the body from breakdown. But lately the rich Chinese have become very interested in jade afresh. These are highly treasured because they begin from the jade, broken out by the glacier, then after years of natural withstanding in the very quick flowing stream, these jade rocks are step-by-step ground smooth into pebbles, any flaws within these pebbles are shattered in this process, so that the remaining artifacts are only of the finest value. Gradually antique Chinese jade of high quality, has become more and more precious. But this initiated the Chinese to money in by making lots of new copies of earlier antique Chinese jade pieces and they carved diverse other ones in less precious stones, but called them as jade too.

Recognizing the factual antique Chinese jades

Many professional confirmed the essential control and respect of assessing antique Chinese jade artifacts on its own merits and not by its important title of its previous proprietor. Generally talking, the antique Chinese jade to be assembled should be those valuable items which are authentic and have fine workmanship. If the antique Chinese jade artifacts dealers or collectors are not expert sufficient, they may come by some fake jades. On the opposing, if you know how to identify jade yourself or if you have qualified professional examined before you purchase, you have identical chance to obtain authentic antique Chinese jades. In other phrases, location of buy is not the component to work out whether it is genuine or not.

One has to consider three rules to identify the antique Chinese jades such as their authenticity, identification of their metal composition and verification of their time period. Authenticity of antique Chinese jade artifacts may be verified through certain chemical and physical characteristics encompassing disintegrated pits, cleaving veins, diffusive markings, exposure crystals, deteriorations and a lesser crystal plane. Wrinkles are glimpsed on the traces of carving due to differential withstanding. Differential weathering is the distinction in degree of discoloration, disintegration, etc., of rocks of distinct types exposed to the identical natural environment. There are certain factors defined as the distinct deterioration of the surface of the finds of carving on jade artifact due to heat and humidity. To identify the time period to which a specific antique Chinese jade artifact may pertains, components including carving style, and designs of the object may also be considered. Diffusive markings are the phenomena initiated by the incremental penetration for exterior chemicals after the influence of heat and pressure conditions of the underground natural environment.

How to worth the antique Chinese jades?

antique Chinese JadeBefore purchasing or auctioning the antique Chinese jades, one should ensure that they know the worth of those artifacts. To know the value of these jade artifacts, there are certain factors to be taken into account. Some of them are considering the current condition and size of the artifact, identifying the quality of the work, knowing the value of the material. The grades of colors used, their flavor, market stability, artifact shape has to be considered for sure.

Antique Chinese jades have habitually been the material most highly valued by the Chinese, overhead shiny and gold. From very old times, this exceedingly tough translucent pebble has been worked into ornaments, ceremonial weapons and ritual things. Latest archaeological studies in numerous parts of ceramic have disclosed not only the antiquity of the skill of jade carving, but also the exceptional grades of development it achieved at a very early designated day. There is no decisive time border. Usually when the piece has age less than 100 years will be advised modern. The British repository assemblage includes artifacts from across the world. They comprise the people and places of the past two million years. Moreover, when electric driven tools start to be utilized, the carving styles will be rather distinct from those utilizing manual tools. In China, when open market scheme has been adopted, jade assemblage and forgery jades prevail in the past 20 years. Decorate your interiors with best antique Chinese jade artifacts by purchasing them at a reasonable price.

Unique Microscopic Chinese calligraphy ivory sculpture by Huang Lao-Fen



A very rare, unique, ivory sculpture of an ancient Chinese woman holding a reed pipe (flute) with microscopic Chinese calligraphy carving.  The exquisite Chinese calligraphy micro-carvings itself is precious Chinese art contained within the ivory sculpture art piece.  Hence, there are two art pieces here in one ivory sculpture. The seller father was told by the artist Huang Lao-Fen, he took around one & half years to complete this sculpture


Who are the collectors of this very rare micro carving of Chinese Calligraphy art on ivory sculptures

The late Huang Lao-Fen, made only very limited pieces of his micro carvings of Chinese calligraphy art on ivory sculptures in his life time. Different from works of contemporary art, micro carvings take much time to complete. Most of his limited works of micro carvings are collected by the National Palace Museum of Taiwan, amongst the best Chinese art museum.

Balance of remaining known pieces are owned by Queen Elizabeth II, present King of Thailand, the late President Nixon, the late President Chiang Kai Shek and the National Museum of Malaysia.

in the left side picture you can see comparison of the area of micro carving against the size of a pen nip.


Information on rare ivory sculpture (ICC#1-126586038)‏


Sent: Friday, December 07, 2007 8:01:57 PM

To:  *************
Dear Mr Deng,

Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful ivory carving of a lady holding a sheng (reed pipe).

The artist Mr Wong Lo-Feng (Huang Lao-fen) you mentioned in the email was a famous Guangdong carver, unfortunately we do not have his artwork in our collection. His works have been collected by the National Museum of History in Taiwan and form a major part of their microscopic carving collection. You may browse their web site for more information on the artist.

Best regards,

Assistant Curator II (Chinese Antiquities)
Hong Kong Museum of Art



From: 器物處

To: **************
CC: service01 <>
Date: Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 8:40 PM

Subject: Rare Microscopic Ivory Carvings of Haong Lao Fen



Dear Mr. Deng,


Thank you for your e-mail of May 25, 2009, and we are pleased to learn of your possessing a interesting ivory carving, an Chinese lady, made by Mr. Huang Lao-fen(黃老奮,Wong-L0-Feng).  We are enclosing an article which is recommending him.  The article was published in the National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art Vol. 6 No. 2(1988.05), pp.82-93.  We wish it is helpful for you.


With the very best of wishes in your pursuit, we remain


Sincerely yours,


Antiquities Department

National Palace Museum

The Write About The  Artist,
The Late Huang Lao-Fen In His Book

This book was autographed by the artist Huang Lao-Fen to the seller (Mr. Deng) father when Huang Lao-Fen gave this only piece from his private collection to his father.

For more information or expression of interest,

please press here to contact us

or send email to:

Real Rare Antiques will act as mediator in this transaction.





Tortoise shell Carving

Tortoise shell is the substance that is usually comes from sea turtles, mostly from the endangered specie the Hawksbill, the turtle shell material comes from the area that surround its back and belly.

The tortoise shell on the Hawksbill is divided to two, the back of the tortoise is cover with plates that are more like horns, this called the carapace, while the belly part plates are called plastron, The plastron has more yellowish amber color.

The process to remove the shell from the turtle was done in the past in a very barbaric way, and mostly the animal was boiled in hot water or oil while it was still alive…

in 1970’s they have became endangered specie and protected by federal law, its important to say that Real Rare Antiques does not support the tortoise shell carving that are made today,  all the tortoise shell items we posses are Antiques and are older than 100 years.

In the past centuries the main use for tortoise shell was to make jewelry, boxes, guitar picks, glasses, hair combs and other items..

The Tortoise shell is highly prized for its beauty, its natural ability to take high polish, its very light weight and durability, also its ability to be heated and softened and then shaped to many forms and be hardened again after cooling.

It also has the ability to be bonded which means that plates can be fused together in order to create bigger ones.

Since it was highly valued there were other material which replaced it for a cheaper price, one of those substance is Horn (derived from cattle), the horn was dyed in tortoise shell color, while some items show very good carving skill and many times could deceive the eye.

In later years of the 19th century scientists have researched for other substances and discovered the Celluloid materials which were cheaper and could be reused, it could be easily shaped by moulds.

Genuine tortoise shell items are handmade, or at least finished by hand, and mostly will show some small imperfections, while synthetic substances are usually done by mould and will often bear signs of the molding process like extra flakes or bumbs.

In China, Tortoise shell has been used to satisfy the European needs for those carving, mostly for hair combs and boxes in the Victorian period.

also Tortoise shell has been used for the Chinese Scepter called Ruyi, which was used mostly as ceremonial scepter or Talisman that symbolized power and good fortune, and even snuff bottles were made out of it.

As you can see our collection of tortoise shell items contains hand carved boxes, Ruyi scepters, table painting and even vases.

To see more of our antique Chinese  Tortoise shell carving press here

Getting Your Hands On Rare Antiques


Are you fond of collecting antiques? What types of antiques do you collect, and how far do you go to get your hands on them? Finding antiques should not require too much effort; however, if you have your heart and your eyes set on specific antiques that are rare and, therefore, hard to get, then you may find yourself having to go the extra mile – literally and figuratively! – to get them and add them to your antique collection. But how can you get your hands on some rare antiques, anyway?

The internet definitely caused a lot of changes in how people do business and live their lives. For antique collectors, for instance, finding an item no longer needs physically stepping out of their doors. Just one click and they can purchase that antique oil lamp or this Ming Dynasty vase. There are now a lot of websites that specialize in selling antiques and, if you browse through their shops, you will most probably find rare antiques. If you join communities and forums of antique collectors, you will also be able to communicate with kindred spirits and maybe even do some swaps or trades. You can even put in a query and they are most likely to help you find the rare antiques you are looking for. One great advantage of online shopping for rare antiques collectors is how one could cast a wider net, so to speak, in their search. A collector in America can now have easier access to Chinese antiques, thanks to the internet.

Of course, there is a downside to procuring rare antiques online. Most of the time, you would have to rely only on the photographs of the items uploaded on the website. That Ming Dynasty vase featured on the website may not resemble the actual item you’ve purchased once it reaches your doorstep. It takes a trained eye to assess the authenticity of an item through photographs alone. You could directly inquire with the online sellers for more information, but there are some online sellers that would tell you anything you want to hear just to make a sale. A lot of care and caution should be exercised when you take this route.

Many rare antiques collectors also find that the thrill of the whole experience is the actual hunt. They enjoy going through various shops and flea markets to look for rare items. There are now novelty shops that sell purely antiques. However, there are other places where you could locate rare antiques. For example, there are charity shops where people donate stuff to be sold, and the proceeds would be for a certain cause. There are many people who have no idea that they are disposing antiques, and it takes a devoted antique collector to recognize a treasure when he or she sees it.

You should also keep your eyes peeled for garage sales in your neighborhood or in other places. Many collectors scored rare antiques through these means, particularly when the owners of the house are moving away and “everything must go”.

If you have a lot of money stashed away to fund your antique collecting, you could also head to museums and art galleries. Often, these places hold auctions and most of the time they will have ancient artifacts and rare antiques being auctioned off. This tends to be an expensive route, but if you have money to spare and you are keen on one or two of the items available for bidding, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t put in a bid for yourself.

Whatever your chosen method of procuring rare antiques is, you should make sure you know what distinguishes rare antiques from usual items. Naturally, you should also be aware of the risks involved when you try purchasing them online or even through the charity shops and garage sales.

So the best advice is learn what you are looking for, there are many age signs and other ways to recognize real antiques or modern fakes, look for those signs whenever you wish to purchase antiques.