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Identify Your Items

Identification Service

Ask and you shall receive

Due to many requests of clients to help them identify their own antiques, we have made this page.

If you wish to know more about your items, and want our experts to examine your pictures and give you more detailed information about your item Origin, or if your item is real antique or not.

Our Price is $35 Per Item

Identify My Items button

How The Process Works?

After we will receive your payment, and your emails with the attached pictures (Please Use High Resolution Photos)

Please allow between 7-10 Days for our experts to give their opinion.

You will receive a full description containing whether your item is a real antique or a new made item.

Including a specific reasons why we believe it to be real or fake.

If it is a real antique, we will specify about the origin of the antique and approximate age we believe your antique is.

Step 1:

Click On The Button and Pay via Paypal $35

Identify My Item

Step 2:

Send Email To:


with the Transaction ID + Attached Photos of the item you wish to Identify

(Please Use High Quality Photos and show the Item from all directions, including zoom, If there are some age signs to the item, please take a close up pictures of the age signs as well, we might require additional photos)

Step 3:

Wait 10-15 Business days, and you will receive an Email from us with all the details.

Identify My Item

If We Cant Help You, You will receive a Full Refund.


Our experts have experience of over 40 years dealing with antiques, especially in Chinese and Asian antiques, our knowledge come from many books we have read, but mostly by looking at pieces and examining them, we have a long experience in distinguishing between the real and the fake, however we are also human and mistakes can happen, you are advised to seek for a 2nd opinion.