Getting Your Hands On Rare Antiques


Are you fond of collecting antiques? What types of antiques do you collect, and how far do you go to get your hands on them? Finding antiques should not require too much effort; however, if you have your heart and your eyes set on specific antiques that are rare and, therefore, hard to get, then you may find yourself having to go the extra mile – literally and figuratively! – to get them and add them to your antique collection. But how can you get your hands on some rare antiques, anyway?

The internet definitely caused a lot of changes in how people do business and live their lives. For antique collectors, for instance, finding an item no longer needs physically stepping out of their doors. Just one click and they can purchase that antique oil lamp or this Ming Dynasty vase. There are now a lot of websites that specialize in selling antiques and, if you browse through their shops, you will most probably find rare antiques. If you join communities and forums of antique collectors, you will also be able to communicate with kindred spirits and maybe even do some swaps or trades. You can even put in a query and they are most likely to help you find the rare antiques you are looking for. One great advantage of online shopping for rare antiques collectors is how one could cast a wider net, so to speak, in their search. A collector in America can now have easier access to Chinese antiques, thanks to the internet.

Of course, there is a downside to procuring rare antiques online. Most of the time, you would have to rely only on the photographs of the items uploaded on the website. That Ming Dynasty vase featured on the website may not resemble the actual item you’ve purchased once it reaches your doorstep. It takes a trained eye to assess the authenticity of an item through photographs alone. You could directly inquire with the online sellers for more information, but there are some online sellers that would tell you anything you want to hear just to make a sale. A lot of care and caution should be exercised when you take this route.

Many rare antiques collectors also find that the thrill of the whole experience is the actual hunt. They enjoy going through various shops and flea markets to look for rare items. There are now novelty shops that sell purely antiques. However, there are other places where you could locate rare antiques. For example, there are charity shops where people donate stuff to be sold, and the proceeds would be for a certain cause. There are many people who have no idea that they are disposing antiques, and it takes a devoted antique collector to recognize a treasure when he or she sees it.

You should also keep your eyes peeled for garage sales in your neighborhood or in other places. Many collectors scored rare antiques through these means, particularly when the owners of the house are moving away and “everything must go”.

If you have a lot of money stashed away to fund your antique collecting, you could also head to museums and art galleries. Often, these places hold auctions and most of the time they will have ancient artifacts and rare antiques being auctioned off. This tends to be an expensive route, but if you have money to spare and you are keen on one or two of the items available for bidding, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t put in a bid for yourself.

Whatever your chosen method of procuring rare antiques is, you should make sure you know what distinguishes rare antiques from usual items. Naturally, you should also be aware of the risks involved when you try purchasing them online or even through the charity shops and garage sales.

So the best advice is learn what you are looking for, there are many age signs and other ways to recognize real antiques or modern fakes, look for those signs whenever you wish to purchase antiques.


The Han Dynasty (206 B.C – 220 A.D)

The Han dynasty was the second imperial dynasty of china, Its reign has officially started at 206 B.C and finished at 220 A.D.

The Dynasty was founded after the fall of the Qin dynasty (the first imperial dynasty of china), by the first emperor of Han, which was the rebel leader called “Liu Bang”, also known as emperor “Gaozu”.

The Han dynasty period was considered as a golden age for the Chinese people, and has affected china till this day, china has flourished economically during the Han period, and established the Silk road which was connected far west to the Roman empire, also poetry philosophy and literature was growing during emperor “Wu” period (141 – 87 B.C).

the period of the Han dynasty is divided to two,

Western Han (206 BC –  9 A.D) and Eastern Han (25 – 220 A.D), it was interrupt in the middle by “Wang Mang” which was the nephew of empress dowager (“mother of the emperor”) “Wang zhengjun”.

“Wang Mang” has announced that “mandate of Heaven” has call for the end of the Han dynasty, so he has established the “Xin Dynasty”, “Wang Mang” has ruled china between the years 9 – 23 A.D, until he was killed by rebels who forced their way into the weiyang palace.

During the western Han dynasty, there were many battles between the Chinese Han people, to the nomadic “xiongnu”, who residence at the northern border of china,

The capitol of the western Han was Chang’an (Today Xian),

After the fall of “Wang Mang”, Emperor Gengshi of han, tried to reestablish the Han dynasty, but was assassinated by the rebel group called “Red Eyebrow”  

Later on during the Eastern Han period, the capitol has moved east to Luoyang by emperor “Guangwu” who establish the Han dynasty again at the east of china,

“Guangwu” has forced the Rebels to surrender and execute their leader, as well as wage war against regional warlords who considered themselves as emperors.

    Over the years of the eastern Han period, there have been many political issues, when the eunuchs of the imperial court were more involved in the politics,

The fall of the Han dynasty has started as a plot of the warlord “Yuan Shao” and general “He Jin” who wanted to overthrow the eunuchs, they have besieged the capitol Luoyang, and when breached, killed many eunuchs,

“emperor Shao” has fled along with his brother from the capitol to the former capitol “chang’an”, and eventually was poisoned by general “Dong zhuo” after Luoyang was burned to the ground by “Yuan Shao”.

Eventually the empire has been split to three conflict states, and “The three kingdom period” has started.

The Qing Dynasty (1644-1912 A.D.)

The Qing dynasty was the last imperial dynasty that has ruled China, the dynasty was founded at 1644 A.D, after the fall of Beijing to a peasant rebel host, led by “Li Zicheng”, he has established the Shun dynasty, but were conquered less then a year later by the Qing dynasty.

The Qing dynasty was founded by non-Han Chinese, The Jurchen who have lived in Manchuria and were vassals to the great Ming empire before, “Nurachi” have started to unite the clans in Manchuria and by 1635 A.D. pushed the Ming dynasty out of the southern land in Manchuria.

Although The founder of the Dynasty was “Emperor Nurachi” who was the 1st emperor of the Qing dynasty, the 1st Emperor who ruled china properly and has claimed the mandate of heaven was Emperor Shunzhi.

after “Hong Taiji” (The 2nd Qing Emperor) died at 1643 A.D, without naming an heir, a committee of Manchu princes has chosen who will be the next emperor of Qing, and they chose 5 years old Fulin which is also known as “Emperor Shunzhi”, in the beginning of his reign, the real power lay in the hands of Price Dorgon, who was the 14th son of Nurachi and the Regent of the young emperor.

The control in the country by prince Dorgon lasted until the day he died in 1650 A.D, when Emperor Shunzhi has started to reign by himself, he died from smallpox at 1661 A.D.

His own son “Emperor Kangxi” has proceeded him, and has completed the conquest of china from the Ming empire, Emperor Kangxi is considered as one of the best Emperor in China’s history, and his reign lasted 61 years, The period of Emperor Kangxi was a zenith era for china, Socially, economically and military.

Emperor Kangxi has established political relations with some of the Mongol tribes, he has conquered Taiwan, and helped Tibet and outer Mongolia against their enemy which eventually led them to incorporate with the Chinese Empire.

After Emperor Kangxi death at 1722 A.D, his fourth son took the Throne as “Emperor Yongzheng” who ruled china for 13 years, until 1735 A.D, when he died, and his own son “Emperor Qianlong” succeeded him.

In The Period of Emperor Qianlong china has marked its highest power during the Qing dynasty, Qianlong has proved to be a great leader, he even led some battles himself against the Mongols, and suppressed revolts in southern china, he had his mind to conquer Burma and Vietnam, but the forces he sent there were not successful.

In 1796 A.D, he stepped down from the throne and declared “Emperor Jiaqing” (his son) as his successor, even though he still held all the power, he didn’t want to rule more than his grandfather emperor Kangxi.

In the last year of his reign the white lotus society rebellion has started and lasted for 8 years, which in the end of that period the Qing dynasty had a drastic change, Emperor Qianlong died at 1799 A.D.

During the 19th century in china, many problems started to rise, the Qing dynasty control has weaken, economic stagnation, and a massive population growth has led to starvation.