As far as gemstones go, the most popular ones include diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Amber is also popular, but did you know that, technically, amber is not a stone? Amber is actually what is classified as an organic gemstone. The amber gem that we all know and love today is actually a hard and translucent fossilized tree resin. Because it is hard and because it has a naturally unique and beautiful color, it is used widely for decorative purposes.

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If you try to check out the types of amber for sale presently, they come mostly in the form of jewelry or as an encasement for stones, bugs, insects or other fossils. The versatility of this organic gemstone erases all doubts as to why it is sought after. Let us look at the many forms of amber for sale.

Of course, who would not want to have an amber gem as jewelry? A necklace with rare amber for a pendant is definitely a stunning piece that could transform the look of every woman who wears it, especially when matched with a pair of amber earrings. For many, its aesthetic properties, thanks to its eye-catching color, would be more than enough reason to get one.

Amber comes in a wide range of colors. The most common amber gem would be something like a mix of yellow, orange and brown. However, they can also be close to white or pale yellow. In some cases, they can be dark brown that they seem to be black. Rare amber gems come in the most peculiar of colors. Cherry amber is a vivid red, and there is also the green amber. The most sought after would have to be the blue amber. This rare amber is said to be found only in the mountains of the Dominican Republic.

But amber is also known for its healing properties. The amber gem is said to have the ability to clear the mind and body of stress. Health problems are also known to be cured by amber. Examples include goiter, headache, teeth and eye disorders, throat and lung glandular swellings, and rheumatism. Stomach and digestive problems can also be remedied because rare amber has the ability to balance both the endocrine and digestive system.

Amber that is found in central America, both in Mexico and Dominican Republic is estimated to be dated 24-40 million years old , those ambers are extracted from the  rainforests  and are resin from extinct trees species, usually they have a transparent look and higher number of fossil inclusions than the Baltic amber which is considered as the most common amber. with about 80% of all amber in the world known to be found there.

Amber that is sourced in Burma is known as Burmite. It is often characterized by a deep red color, although it could also come in pale yellow, gold, and brown, unlike the usual amber that we know of. However, the Burmese amber is dated to at least 100 million years, back to the dinosaur age. It is actually currently being mined, particularly from the amber mines in the Hukwang Valley, in the northern province of Kachin. Compared to other types of ambers, burmite is much harder and darker than Dominican amber.

Of course, you should expect to pay more if you want rare amber to be gracing your body anytime soon. Many jewelry stores and other novelty shops have amber for sale in their inventory. Another option would be through online shops. You only have to make sure you do not make the mistake of falling for the phony sellers and end up paying a high price for fake amber.

If the Inclusions and fossils inside are too good to be true, than its probably is…

Today In China there are many fake ambers, that are literally made out of plastic.

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