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Amazing Warring States Bronze Mirror with White Jade Inlays

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Amazing Warring States Bronze Mirror with White Jade Inlays

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Amazing Warring States Bronze Mirror with White Jade Inlays

An amazing rare bronze mirror with white jade inlay of 4 divine dragons in the inner circle. This mirror belongs to Warring States period (475 and 221 BC) with a characteristic central knob of 3 groves. The inner circle showed 4 dragons or divine animals dancing and encircling the knob. The outer rim showed 20 continuous leaf arcs, which is a design which appeared often at the end of Warring States. The mirror showed aging and weathering with green patina from burial for 2500+ years. There is a practice that the bronze mirrors in ancient Chinese culture are often buried with the diseased from the royal and noble families. The presence of white jade inlays indicated that the diseased came from noble family of high ranks. Jades are rare in that period and regarded as “precious stones from heaven”. References: The Warring States period (traditional Chinese: 戰國時代) is a period in ancient China following the Spring and Autumn period and concluding with the victory of the state of Qin in 221 BC, creating a unified China under the Qin dynasty. During this period, the warlords competed with one another for arts and treasure achievements.

Measurements: 7.5” Diameter, ¼ “ Thick

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