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Antique Chinese Early Ming Dynasty Porcelain Stem Plate


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The steam plate was custom made with a distinct Islamic flower caricature. It was made during the early Ming period and the plate was produce as a export ware to the middle east. The hole at the bottom of the plate use to allow hot water into the inner chamber. Thus this create a warm surface on the plate. The material used was mixture of special coarse and kaolin clay. This mixture allows the plate to sustain longer heating temperature and still maintain a cool surface at the exterior. Due to the inner chamber, plate is very heavy. The exterior of the plate feature different seasonal flower and the interior feature the same seasonal flower. On the center it feature Chrysanthemums and Phoenix motif. The black spots was present in the motif and cause various undulate surface. This was cause by cobalt material firing at different temperature. The plate is in great condition with no damage. Finding a plate with this condition is rare


The height is 4″. (10 Cm)

The size is 14.13″ in diameter. (35 Cm)

The base is 9″ in diameter. (22.8 Cm)

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