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Antique Chinese Pear Shape Vase from Late Yuan Dynasty – Early Ming Dynasty


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This Pear shape vase was manufactured in late Yuen Dynasty. It consist of a lot of design that was popularized in that era. The body design with the scroll Peony Pattern. Overtime the pattern has a distinct black mark cause by cobalt when firing in various temperature. The fire process also cause the vase to have a undulating surface. The vase was well kept and it is was matching the late Yuen – Early Ming Dynasty design



The height is 11.25″. (28.5 Cm)

The top of the mouth is 3.25″ in diameter. (8.2 Cm)

The body is 7″ diameter. (17.8 Cm)

The bottom diameter is 3.5″. (8.9 Cm)

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