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Antique Chinese Porcelain Emperor Wanli Period Ming dynasty 5 color Vase Marked


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Antique Chinese Porcelain vase from Emperor Wanli Period (1572-1620 A.D) – Ming dynasty

The feature of the vase contains dragon and phoenix motif. The shape is copied from Shang and Zhou bronze wine vessel.

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It is marked with Emperor Wanli Mark.

This piece of Wanli Vase is very unique and rare. The shape was copied from Shang/Zhou Dynasty wine ewer. The body contains colorful design motif. The upper portion is characterized with Dragon and Phoenix. The lower portion split into two alternating of Phoenix and Dragon motif. The whole vase contain tiny specks of blue cobalt emulating the Yuan Dynasty’s popularized large iconic plate. The surface of the vase lost it’s glazing due soil oxidizing. The object was found buried under ground. The inner vase feature rust spot and the exterior has some cracking effect due to the firing process. The base circular ring contain some of the red clay stain. The most important feature is the reign mark on the main body. The vase is in excellent condition with no sign of damage.


its Height is 8.75″ (22.2 Cm)

The top part of the vase is 5.25″ (13.3 Cm)

The Middle body 5.5″ in diameter. (14 Cm)

The bottom diameter is 2.5″ in diameter (6.3 Cm)

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