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Museum Quality Jade Helmet

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Museum Quality Jade Helmet

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Museum Quality Jade Helmet

This jade helmet is very rare and unique. The helmet was masterfully engraved with motifs and symbols typical of Shang dynasty (商朝, 1600-1046 BC). There is a ferocious “Taotie” (饕餮纹 –a mythical heavenly animal figure prevalent on the bronze wares of Shang and early Zhou dynasties; replaced by dragon in popularity in late Zhou and Han period) animal on each side of the oval half shell helmet. The animal is meant to protect the wearer of the warrior. There are also Shang period motifs of dragons and other common marks on the side. On the rim, there are rows of auspicious circles on the front and back rims of the helmet. The latter are found on bronze wares of Shang. Extensive research has established the similarity between this jade helmet with the sets of bronze helmets in museums around the world, specializing in oriental arts. Thus far, this jade helmet is the only one in this helmet category. See attached research pictures and links.

This rare helmet is of museum quality and ought to be in the collection of serious antique collectors.

Measurements: 7” L, 6” H, 4 ¾ “ W

Jade Helmet & Comparison with Bronze in Museums


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