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Museum Quality Jade Horse Head of Han Dynasty

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Museum Quality Jade Horse Head of Han Dynasty

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Museum Quality Jade Horse Head of Han Dynasty

This large jade horse head should be compared to the famous horse head in the British of Albert and Victoria Museum. The latter has been determined by some experts to be of Han dynasty period (漢朝   206 BC – 220 AD). This war horse head in this collection showed more distinct characteristic carving style of Han period with characteristic jaunty jaw typical of war horse profiles found in the museum bronze pieces of that era. In addition, the head dress decoration of war horses shown on the top is characteristic of Qin and Han era. Researchwork has been done on this war horse head. The carving, the differential weathering shown on this horse piece indicated a long period of burial, likely with a general and royal family.   It is known throughout the Han period, the horse is one of the most valuable asset of a general warrior and of royal family. It has been found that bronze horse statues or porcelain statues were found in burial sites of that period. The case of jade horse head of this size in burial is rare. As far as we know, this is the unique jade horse head of Han period, besides the British museum piece.

This horse head is highly collectible for any antique collector of Chinese art. This piece has been studied, certified and assessed at a higher market price a few years back.

Measurements: 9” H, 8” L, 3” W

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