A very rare, unique, ivory sculpture of an ancient Chinese woman holding a reed pipe (flute) with microscopic Chinese calligraphy carving.  The exquisite Chinese calligraphy micro-carvings itself is precious Chinese art contained within the ivory sculpture art piece.  Hence, there are two art pieces here in one ivory sculpture. The seller father was told by the artist Huang Lao-Fen, he took around one & half years to complete this sculpture

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Who are the collectors of this very rare micro carving of Chinese Calligraphy art on ivory sculptures

The late Huang Lao-Fen, made only very limited pieces of his micro carvings of Chinese calligraphy art on ivory sculptures in his life time. Different from works of contemporary art, micro carvings take much time to complete. Most of his limited works of micro carvings are collected by the National Palace Museum of Taiwan, amongst the best Chinese art museum.

Balance of remaining known pieces are owned by Queen Elizabeth II, present King of Thailand, the late President Nixon, the late President Chiang Kai Shek and the National Museum of Malaysia.

in the left side picture you can see comparison of the area of micro carving against the size of a pen nip.


Information on rare ivory sculpture (ICC#1-126586038)‏


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Dear Mr Deng,

Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful ivory carving of a lady holding a sheng (reed pipe).

The artist Mr Wong Lo-Feng (Huang Lao-fen) you mentioned in the email was a famous Guangdong carver, unfortunately we do not have his artwork in our collection. His works have been collected by the National Museum of History in Taiwan and form a major part of their microscopic carving collection. You may browse their web site for more information on the artist.

Best regards,

Assistant Curator II (Chinese Antiquities)
Hong Kong Museum of Art



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Date: Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 8:40 PM

Subject: Rare Microscopic Ivory Carvings of Haong Lao Fen



Dear Mr. Deng,


Thank you for your e-mail of May 25, 2009, and we are pleased to learn of your possessing a interesting ivory carving, an Chinese lady, made by Mr. Huang Lao-fen(黃老奮,Wong-L0-Feng).  We are enclosing an article which is recommending him.  The article was published in the National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art Vol. 6 No. 2(1988.05), pp.82-93.  We wish it is helpful for you.


With the very best of wishes in your pursuit, we remain


Sincerely yours,


Antiquities Department

National Palace Museum

The Write About The  Artist,
The Late Huang Lao-Fen In His Book

This book was autographed by the artist Huang Lao-Fen to the seller (Mr. Deng) father when Huang Lao-Fen gave this only piece from his private collection to his father.

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